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Sign-up for Education United: Academics and Enrichment Program at Brookside Elementary School (Ossining)

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Each cohort will have a rotation of enrichment activities they can participate in, please indicate which activities your child may be interested in!

Financial Literacy(Required)
About: The importance of saving money
About: The importance of saving money
About: English/Spanish grammar lessons
Nature in STEAM(Required)
About: Learn about nature while playing games, completing engineering challenges, going on scavenger hunts, and making art
Career Exploration(Required)
About: Explore various career interests
Writer's Workshop(Required)
About: Helping students become confident and capable writers
About: Act out different roles
Passion Pursuit(Required)
About: Students work on projects of their choice
Parent Academy will offer English/Spanish literacy, computer/smartphone training, nutrition/fitness, social support group, and more! What days work best for you to attend? Select all that apply.(Required)(Required)