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About Advocacy

United Way believes that advocacy is a critical component to making positive, long lasting changes, in educationincomehealth, and strengthening nonprofits.

Advocating is More Than Politics

In addition to contacting legislators, every time you speak to a friend, post a note on Facebook or hang a flyer in your local neighborhood, you are advocating.

Advocate in Your Community

We need your help promoting these causes:

  • Promote the Need for foster Parents! Read more and download flyers to post in your workplace and neighborhood.
  • Tell someone about 2-1-1: This helpline can only work if everyone knows they can use it.
  • Help people save on Prescription DrugsFamilyWize discount card saves people an average of 30% on their medications. Read more or download flyer.
  • Raise funds for Education, Income and Health Initiatives: Raise awareness about these issues by reposting our Facebook or e-newsletter updates.

Speak to Your Representatives

United Way’s across the country are working on important issues such as Emergency Food & Shelter Program (EFSP), Charitable Tax Deduction, 2-1-1, and early childhood education. Learn how you can help!

Write A Letter to The Editor

Write a letter about United Way’s work to an editor in your local community. Here are a few suggested media:

Lobbying vs Advocacy

United Way does not lobby (asking policy makers to take a specific position on a specific piece of legislation). United Way encourages people to advocate by speaking up for the causes they are about.