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In the Workplace

Making Business Philanthropy Easier

Why Businesses Partner with United Way

United Way is one-stop shopping for business philanthropy. Your company and employees can choose from a wide variety of initiatives to support in our local communities.

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Running a United Way Fundraising Campaign

Running a successful company fundraising campaign is very fullfilling. United Way professionals work with you every step of the way to make it easy.

Getting Your Name In The Spotlight

Increase your local footprint. Become active in your community by sponsoring one of United Way’s community events or volunteering for one of the United Way initiatives.

Building A Stronger Morale and More Dedicated Workforce

Whether building moral or providing services to your employees in crisis, we help keep your workforce strong.

The Causes We Support Together

Help us advance the common good by supporting our work in educationincome and health – the building blocks for a strong community

How Your Company Can Get Involved

  • Give a Corporate Gift
  • Run a United Way fundraising campaign
  • Sponsor one of our community events
  • Donate product or other gifts-in-kind to benefit hundreds of nonprofits
  • Volunteer