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30% of families in our region haven’t heard about the economic recovery – they’re the ‘in betweeners’ we call A.L.I.C.E (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) – make too much to receive public support and too little to sustain themselves. They tread water, and take on water, daily.

We help them with immediate needs – our 2-1-1 helpline, discounted medicines (link), goods and merchandise redirected from donors – because you can’t think about a future in the midst of a panic about now.

Then we help them to change their fundamental situation, beyond band-aids, to create greater access to the banking system, a stronger credit record; ways to lighten debt and create a savings habit. To move themselves and their families to firmer ground.

Responding to urgent need with urgent help is critical. But without more fundamental change, all of us, the in betweeners, the community, our larger region – we’re just stuck on a path to nowhere.