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Our Work

ALICE – They are the forgotten in-betweeners. 30% of our population that make too much to receive public support, yet too little to sustain themselves. They’re the focus of our work. They’re Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed.

Early Reading – a building block to a promising future – the science is clear. It starts from birth. Parent and child are in a dance of literacy development, together. Quite simply, children not on grade level reading by end of 3rd grade face a future stacked against them.

Parents living on the financial edge can’t make life work for their children, or themselves. Not today, not tomorrow. The future doesn’t exist in their minds.

We provide ongoing support, to help them change their financial situation, to find firmer ground to stand on and build on. So they can begin to see a future.

We provide them immediate help – so they feel more stable, right now. We support the communities that support them.