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Individuals with disabilities Day 4: Fostering Independence

Welcome back to Day Four of the Individuals with Disabilities 5-Day Journey. Today we dive into several pieces of content centered around fostering independence. As we continue our collective work to break down the barriers in our society that adversely impact certain groups of people, fostering independence within individuals with disabilities becomes a vital aspect in creating competitiveness within the workplace and society as a whole. Through an exploration into today’s articles, videos, and podcasts you will learn about the ways that fostering independence helps unlock the potential in us all.  

Source: CDC Disabilities Impact All of Us – Infographic PDF


How does fostering independence within individuals with disabilities increase their competitiveness in the workforce?


What are some actionable steps we can take as a society to ensure that disabled individuals have the same opportunities as non-disabled people do?


How can we empower individuals with disabilities to take an active role in demonstrating responsible decision-making skills related to their lives?


Imagine for a second that you were less independent in a specific area of your life than you currently are (i.e., social interactions, physical capabilities, etc.). How would this sudden change impact your life?

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