United Way of Westchester and Putnam’s Gifts-in-Kind program assists businesses and individuals who wish to donate new or gently used goods to help those in need. We connect your donation to one of the hundreds of direct-service nonprofits in the Hudson Valley region in a timely and effective way. This enables the hundreds of agencies involved in this program to spend more of their limited budgets to provide services.

Items we accept

From computers to personal care products to teddy bears and office furniture, United Way’s Gifts-in-Kind program connects people with donations to the agencies that need them.

Here is how you can help us to quickly find a home for your items:

Fill out the following form as completely as possible.

(a) Include your name and contact information (telephones, e-mail) and;

(b) give a detailed description of the items(s) that you wish to donate, including quantity, measurements, style, color, brand name, etc.

(c) the city where items are located (pickup location)

All items must be in good condition (an agency can refuse to accept your donation if it does not match your original description). We currently are not accepting mattresses.

Our auditors require the current value of this property to determine the value of goods recycled in our community.

Shortly after receiving your information, the description of your items will be transferred into a blast e-mail which will go to over 200 non-profit agencies in the Hudson Valley.

Please note that the only personal information in the e-mail will be your name, contact information, the city where items are located (no street address until you give it to them).

Only an interested agency will contact you directly to arrange for a pick up at your convenience. If you are donating several items, please know that more than one agency may be contacting you.

This agency will follow up with a receipt and/or a formal “thank you letter”, which you have the option to use as proof of your donation to the IRS.

Please make note of the name of the agency, their telephone number and the name of the person you spoke with. This will be a backup in case the first contact did not work out.

It would be greatly appreciated if, after your donation was picked up, you would call 914 997-6700 ext. 755 or email Lorie Flaks leaving a message of the name of the person you spoke with, the agency name and telephone number. This will ensure that you get your charitable tax receipt/thank you letter, fulfill our auditors requirements, and will keep our program ongoing.

The United Way of Westchester and Putnam gladly coordinates the donations of gifts in kind between individuals/companies and non-profit organizations. The United Way of Westchester and Putnam is not responsible for any damage or inconvenience encountered during a gift-in-kind transaction.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail Lorie Flaks or call 914 997-6700 ext. 755.

Thank you again for your donation!


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