GIFTS-IN-KIND – How To Get Stuff for Your Nonprofit


Here is how it works: Once you finish the steps below your primary contact will receive about 15-20 emails a week from us listing donated items. All you need to do is be the first to respond to the donor, coordinate the pick-up of the item, and send us a copy of your thank you note to the donor. United Way does not store or deliver donated items; we just help make the match.

Complete these steps to be included in the Gifts-In-Kind program:

  1. A copy of your 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt letter
  2. Statement on agency letterhead signed by the highest-ranking officer (to assure us that they are aware of this offer) stating: “Our agency is requesting participation in the Gifts In Kind program of United Way of Westchester and Putnam.” Include a summary of the purpose of your agency.
  3. Also, include first and last name of the person to receive notification, title, agency name, address, telephone, and their email address.
  4. It is further agreed that a receipt or thank you letter, on your organization’s letterhead, be given to the donor within five (5) days after you have picked up any donated items. United Way MUST also receive a copy of this thank you letter within five (5) days.
  5. In the case of retail stores, should a donation be available, the paperwork given to you upon pickup MUST be faxed or emailed to us IMMEDIATELY.

Donations cannot be used for fundraisers, raffles or auctions; given to volunteers or staff members; or sold in retail stores, on websites, in flea markets, or in any other manner.

United Way of Westchester and Putnam is a member of Good360 which gives our affiliated nonprofits access to the largest online donation marketplace with donations from top brands and retailers.

For more information on Gifts-In-Kind, please contact Lorie Flaks at 914-997-6700 x755 or email