DAY 8: Structural Racism

The cumulative impacts of racism across time, institutions and policy areas form systemic or structural racism. This short video, the Unequal Opportunity Race, provides an overview of how multiple vectors of racism converge to form a pipeline to well-being for Whites and a comprehensive barrier for people of color.


As Fay Givens, Executive Director of American Indian Services, explains, “The number one source of discrimination for American Indians is the State and Federal government. We know what our problems are, but we are never provided the resources we need to solve them. We have had over the years thousands of conversations, conferences, meetings, etc. related to disparities in health and education but there is no will to makethings better in spite of their talk.”

Read this statement by National Congress of American Indians President Jefferson Keel on a recent report detailing the federal government’s continuing failure to uphold its numerous obligations under treaties with Indian nations.


For other examples of structural racism at work, see this Atlantic article about cash assistance and Medicaid and this short video about the American justice system, narrated by Ta-Nehisi Coates. What distinct threads do you see knitted together to create an all-encompassing system of racism?

“What is systemic racism? Here’s what it means and how you can help dismantle it”.
N’dea Yancey-Bragg, USA TODAY

“Systemic Racism Explained”

Structural Racism
Putting Racism on the Table Podcast Series

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Use these following prompts to reflect on the information you consumed today:


How does your race impact you on a day-to-day basis?


Are there any unique events that have occurred exclusively because of your race?



Your action item of the day is to…



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