DAY 3: Understanding Privilege

  1. It’s time to talk privilege. Privilege is defined as a built in advantage, immunity, or benefit a person or group enjoys beyond what others have access to or experience.

Everyone can identify at least one privilege that they hold; examples may include ability status, education level, wealth, gender identity, job status, marital status, the community that you live in, and more.

There are different levels and layers of privilege in our society. The experiments in the following videos show how people identify their privileges and how each privilege interacts to create levels of “status” that move some people ahead and keep others behind. Consider the self-reflection questions and activities to identify ways that you could use your privilege to promote racial equity and justice in our community

“Understanding White Privilege

The Guardian, Rene Eddo-Lodge

“Race & Privilege: A Social Experiment”
-CNA Insider

“Chelsea Handler on Why She
Produced Doc on Privelege”
The View


Dont forget to catch part two of the interview here!

These articles were curated by a local committee to be used as a list of resources pertinent to DEI topics. The 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge Committee would like to thank and give attribution to those who created the content above, which reflects their individual perspectives. We do not support nor endorse any advertisements associated with the above content.


Use these following prompts to reflect on the information you consumed today:

  • What did you notice about your personal reactions while reading and viewing today’s material?
  • What do these reactions tell you about your experiences?
  • Looking at the community where you grew up or where you are currently living, what do you notice about how privilege and marginalization have shaped the community and your opportunities?
  • Identify a privilege you may have that others do not.
  • Identify a privilege you may not have that others have.


Your action item of the day is to…

Take this eye-opening privilege self-assessment by Buzzfeed to discover where you are on the spectrum.



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