DAY 14: The Effects of Racist Ideology

In a speech at the 1985 United Nations Decade for Women conference, Gangulu activist, artist and scholar Dr. Lilla Watson said, “If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”


Although White supremacist attitudes, actions and policies inflict the most harm on individuals and communities of color, ultimately White Supremacy harms
everyone—even White people who consciously engage in it in order to gain or maintain some type of social advantage.

In the words of Fay Givens, Executive Director of American Indian Services, “In Native societies, no one did without, no child was an orphan, all elders were loved and cared for. Material goods were viewed as a burden. Wealth was your grandchildren. There was no incarceration. The United States has created an underclass of people made up of people of color. Instead of taking responsibility for what they have created they disrespect and demean the poor—always
fear someone will get something for nothing, never acknowledging their action that created the dysfunction in society.”

We invite you to explore the following resources to better understand how racism’s
costs radiate beyond its direct targets, with profound implications for public health,
community strength, economic prosperity, environmental sustainability, knowledge
production and innovation:

“Racism has a cost for everyone”

Heather C. McGhee

The long-term effects of racism
Mahdere Yared

“The Consequences of Racism”

NPR TED Radio  Hour

“What Systemic Racism Means And the Way It Harms Communities”


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Use these following prompts to reflect on the information you consumed today:


What is something you learned?



Your action item of the day is to…

Read “5 Mind-Blowing Realities About Race (That White People May Not Know)”



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