DAY 1: Race and Equity

Welcome to Day 1 of our community’s 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge! Together, thousands of local people are working to develop a deeper understanding of race, equity, and our collective role in improving our community To help set the stage, let’s look at a few common terms and develop a mutual understanding of diversity, inclusion, and equity:

Diversity – Welcoming differences of race and ethnicity, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, language, culture, national origin, religious commitment, age, (dis)ability status, and political perspective.

Inclusion – A commitment to ensuring that differences are welcomed, every person feels a sense of belonging, and everyone’s voice is valued and heard.

Equity – A commitment to fair and impartial opportunities for all, often through actively challenging and responding to bias, harassment, and discrimination.


Racial Equity – This Challenge is focused on racial equity. The Center for Social Inclusion defines racial equity as an outcome and a process. We are striving toward the outcome of everyone having what they need to thrive, regardless of their race or where they live.

The process of becoming a more equitable society requires breaking down beliefs, systems, policies, and practices that support systemic racism and inequity. You may have seen the concept of race framed as a “social construct”, acknowledging that race is not a category defined by genetics or DNA, and instead is a result of society shaping our views of race and racial identity. This framework puts emphasis on the social, economic, and political implications that have contributed to racial inequity in the United States for hundreds of years.

“There’s a key different between ‘equity’ and ‘equality’ — and you need to understand it to help dismantle systemic racism in America”

– Marguerite Ward,

“The Myth of Race, Debunked in 3 Minutes”

“It’s More Than Racism”
– Isabel Wilkerson, NPR

These articles were curated by a local committee to be used as a list of resources pertinent to DEI topics. The 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge Committee would like to thank and give attribution to those who created the content above, which reflects their individual perspectives. We do not support nor endorse any advertisements associated with the above content.


Use these following prompts to reflect on the information you consumed today:


  • When did I first become aware of my racial identity?
  • When did I first become aware of the racial identity of those around me?
  • How does my racial identity impact me on a day-to-day basis?


Your action item of the day is to…

Invite friend(s), family, and/or colleagues to do the 21-Day Challenge with you.

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