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Week One

Personal Racial & Social Identity

Understanding Bias

The Difference between Equity and Equality 

What is Privilege?

Cultural Competence

Week Two

What is Intersectionality?

4 Levels of Racism

Women’s Equity 


How we learn about Race

The Racial Wealth Gap

Week Three

Inequity in the Education System

Inequity in Health Care


Environmental Racism and Enviornmental Justice 

Segregation, Redlinning and Housing Inequity 

Injustice in the Justice System

Week Four

Immigrants & Refugees 

Religous Tolerance 

Equity and LGBTQIA + Community 

Access and Equity in Disability 

Building a Culture of Anti-Racism and Allyship

Week Five

Taking Action for Equity  

These articles were curated by a local committee to be used as a list of resources pertinent to DEI topics. The 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge Committee would like to thank and give attribution to those who created the content above, which reflects their individual perspectives. We do not support nor endorse any advertisements associated with the above content.