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Ed participate girl.jpgParticipate to Graduate encourages critically at-risk youth, who do not respond to traditional methods of positive school engagement, to stay in school.

Participate to Graduate partners make sure this vulnerable group can look forward to a better future by guiding them through school with intensive advocacy efforts, family outreach, and academic and social service support.

The stakes are huge for these young people, as well as for the lives they touch and the communities they live in. By staying in school until graduation, teens are more likely to make safer, healthier decisions and can look forward to considerably brighter futures. The community benefits from reduced crime, homelessness, substance abuse and incarceration rates.

A focus on Yonkers and Mount Vernon
Due to a multitude of complex issues, there are too many of our neighbors dropping out of school in specific districts. Participate to Graduate is focusing on reaching kids in Mount Vernon by giving them a safe haven after school and into the evening.  They also receive services such as employment, delinquency prevention, leadership programming, academic support and health and enrichment programs.

In Yonkers, Participate to Graduate works with critically at-risk 10-17 year olds and their families. These teens are either at high risk of being assigned a negative designation (PINS, Person In Need of Supervision) or are living with a parent or guardian charged with educational neglect due to the youth’s truancy. Participate to Graduate actively advocates in the school on behalf of the student, while working with families to resolve conflicts.

Participate to Graduate Partners
Family Services of Westchester
Westhab, Inc.

For more information about our Community Impact programs, contact Susan Schefflein, 914-997-6700 x753.

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