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United Way's Community Conversations of 2013

Community Conversations

Help Spread the Word!

Here are some sample tweets, posts and emails you can use to promote the Community Conversations.

Thanks for making sure every community has a voice.


Win an iPad Mini while volunteering! Take 10 minutes to fill out United Way's Community Conversation on HEALTH.

Get funds, advocates and volunteers towards the issues you care about. Join the @UnitedWayWP Community Conversation

I took ten minutes to make our community better! Join me by taking the 2013 United Way Community Conversation Survey (might win an iPad Mini)


Join the @UnitedWayWP Community Conversation. 10 minutes could win you an iPad Mini

Get funds, advocates and volunteers towards the issues you care about. Join the @UnitedWayWP Community Conversation

Print versions of the Survey

Health Survey in English
Health Survey in Spanish


Do you feel like your voice is never heard on important issues? Do you want to make a change in the world around you?

United Way of Westchester and Putnam values your opinion - What needs do YOU see in your community?  Where are there gaps in services?

Just 10 minutes could help direct funds, advocacy and volunteers towards issues you care about.

Now until September 30 is the survey on HEALTH.

All participants are eligible for a chance to win an iPad Mini. 
Visit WWW.UWWP.ORG to take the 10 minute survey.

Together, we can be the change we want to see in the world.




Become a Community Conversation Volunteer
Every four years we survey the community to find gaps in services.
Find out how you can help.

Email Text

Dear friend,

Here is a great way to be a positive voice your community.

Every four years United Way surveys the community to see where there may be gaps in services. Our goal is to have 1,000 surveys filled out for each of the three surveys (education, income and health) and have every town in Westchester and Putnam represented.

Once we identify the issues, United Way will direct funds, advocacy and volunteers towards our top concerns.

Will you join me in taking the HEALTH survey and sharing it with our neighbors and friends? All participants have a chance to win an iPad Mini.

Click here to take the survey:

Then forward it on to your friends and colleagues.

Sample tweets, posts and emails can be found here:


You have United Way's permission to use all the graphics on the Community Conversations page to promote these surveys. Just right click on the graphic and copy. Higher resolution images can be requested at

CC-Overview-1 Community Conversations Overview sheet

CC-Flyer Community Conversations Flyer

CC-Postcard-1 Community Conversations Postcard

promote-cc-text Community Conversations sample text for sharing

















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